I did an interview with the Australian lesbian culture magazine, LOTL, about my recent release, Points of Departure, a young adult fiction book about four girls who travel overseas together.

Why do you choose to write LGBT young adult fiction?

Because there are still not enough books about young gay women. I felt that lack when I was a younger reader, and I still feel like it exists now. I’ll never write a book that doesn’t have at least one LGBTQIA main character….

Why would I? When they’re so badly needed? Besides, with everything that has been going on television, with the outcry after the death of a teen lesbian character in The 100, and the general annihilation of lesbian characters on our screen, we need representation now more than ever. I wasn’t even watching the show at the time, but I loved that this audience had the passion and the anger to respond and say “stop discounting our lives”. For me, telling stories about young, gay lives is just a small way I can help tip the balance in our favour.

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