Here are three books young adult fiction books featuring LGBTQ girls that I read this month.  Two are new, while one was a new find.

diveDive, Stacey Donovan

How’d I miss this?  How have I sifted through so much LGBTQ YA over the last year and missed this? One of last year’s Lambda finalist no less?  This is the kind of LGBTQ YA book that is right up my alley. It’s extremely well-written, for one, with a lovely turn of phrase and immaculate word choices. Also, it’s not just about being gay (although I sincerely believe coming out books have their place, too), even as the character finds herself falling for a girl.  Lovely book. Our main character, V, is having a hell of a rough time in Dive, but voice is fresh, funny, and unflinching. Read it if you love a well-written book that doesn’t focus just on romance and coming out. Thanks to my friend Shan, for finding this one for me.

Dive on Goodreads

songscoverSongs that Sound Like Blood, Jared Thomas

This book covers that period of your first year out of home, a heady time that is rarely covered and much-needed in YA writing.  This book follows Roxy May as she decided to leave her quiet country town and pursue music school in a university access program designed for Aboriginal kids. It’s about family, about trying to make it in music, and about discovering your sexual identity. And it’s bout finding a way to give voice to your culture. Roxy is a wonderful character, and a new queer voice in Australian YA. Read it if you love a good coming-of-age tale.

Songs that Sound like Blood on Goodreads 


girlGirl Hearts Girl, Lucy Sutcliffe

This is You Tuber Lucy Sutcliffe’s memoir of growing up gay, creating her You Tube channel and meeting her first girlfriend.  The focus, however, is most definitely on Sutcliffe’s slow realisation and acceptance of her sexuality throughout her high school and university year. This book is something of a journey of self-acceptance more than it is a about the world accepting Lucy, which is refreshing.  The narrative is fairly simple, and would probably be good for younger readers who are dealing with similar issues, or are looking for the real-life story of someone going through these struggles.

Girl Hearts Girl on Goodreads.


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