I did a guest post for Up Close and Literal on whether LGBT counts as a genre, where I tell a story about one of my readers that reflects why I think we still need this label for LGBTQ books—especially in young adult fiction. 

“I was asked a couple of questions as a prompt for this guest post.

The first was: is LGBT a genre?

The answer to this is simple: no, it’s not. 

Allow me to put my teacher hat on here. The term genre, which translates from the French to ‘kind’, is used in popular culture to define a set of conventions and expectations of a type of story.  For example, when I’m teaching my media students about genre, I ask them them what they expect when they are about watch a new TV sitcom. They’ll inevitably spout a bunch of conventions like canned laughter, lots of one-liners, the short length, limited sets, the lack of narrative continuity etc. And when I ask them what they expect from a fantasy, someone will inevitably call out “dragons!”

There is no set of rules or expectations of the label ‘LGBT’ as such, except, you know, the presence of LGBT folk.”

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