I wrote a guest post for the fabulous Gay YA website, discussing the importance of stories that deal with issues and themes beyond the process of coming out in LGBTQ young adult fiction.

“Does every single LGBTQ young adult book have to be a coming out story?

This is a sighed-out question we hear a lot these days. And while I do think that we need to pause and take some small pleasure in the fact that we’ve reached a cultural point where we can complain about the ubiquity of any kind of LGBTQ story, there’s definitely a glut of coming out narratives dominating this corner of the world. But let’s not kid ourselves, either. We’d be misguided to think that coming out stories are not still a vital part of telling stories about LGBTQ teen lives. Because this is the time when questions of sexuality and love and identity become questions of the self, and coming out narratives give teens who are going through the experience some perspective and comfort in knowing they are not doing this alone—even if it feels like it sometimes.”

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