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We finally have a release date for All the Ways to Here, my sequel to Future Leaders of Nowhere!

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Read a preview of All the Ways to Here, the sequel to my LGBTQ teen novel, Future Leaders of Nowhere, due out in November this year.  Finn and Willa return to real life after a month at a future leaders camp, where they learned more than just how to take charge.

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Here are some of the gay things I really loved so far. By the way, be warned, some of them (all?) are pre-2017. I take a long time to get around to things, but maybe you’ll find something you haven’t seen or read.

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I wrote this as a message to one of my readers after I saw her posts on a social media site, but I thought I’d just pop it here, too. This is not intended to target her still, but to show other readers how I feel about this subject, which is a really demoralising one for authors to deal with.

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Why I decided to write a sequel to Future Leaders of Nowhere, and why All the Ways to Here won’t be about romantic complications.

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Cover Reveal: All the Ways to Here (Future Leaders Sequel)

Get a look at the cover to the sequel to Future Leaders of Nowhere, called All the Ways to Here, and read the blurb.

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Future Leaders Featured in Teen Vogue

My latest LGBT young adult book, Future Leaders of Nowhere was featured and reviewed in Teen Vogue’s ‘New Queer Fiction Reads you MUST read in March’ piece.

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Preview: Future Leaders of Nowhere

Here is a brief excerpt from my upcoming release, Future Leaders of Nowhere, an contemporary, Australian LGBT young adult fiction story. It will be released in March 2017.

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The Post-Coming out YA Story

I wrote a guest post for the fabulous Gay YA website, discussing the importance of stories that deal with issues and themes beyond the process of coming out in LGBTQ young adult fiction.

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